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OEM Representation

Production Metering Solution

Phase Dynamics Inc

Phase Dynamics Inc is a leading supplier of water cut analyzers (meters) and Compact Cyclone Multiphase Meters (CCM) to measure water & oil for the petroleum industry. Their innovative technology enhances production reconciliation using real-time measurement techniques.

Multiphase Pump System Solution


Leistritz Multiphase Pump Systems (MPP) are in operation worldwide. They are designed for running with high gas volume fractions (GVF) and gas bubbles with up to 100% gas content as well as for capacities of up to 5,000 m³/h and differential pressures of up to 150 bar.

Early Production Facility (EPF)

Ulla Energy

For marginal fields, the Early Production Facility (EPF) can provide a life of field solution or enable companies to monetize an asset ahead of the permanent production plant being built. It also allows operators the opportunity to collect real-time production data, enabling them to appraise reservoir performance.

Our EPF is designed to handle both oil and gas using a single communication, command, and management module. EPFs are preferred by several oil and gas operators for marginal field development or to quickly monetize the fields prior to the installation of a permanent facility.

Production Chemical and Coiled Tubing


SeaQuest and Excella have a strong collaboration to produce unique chemicals tailored to meet clients’ needs. Our range of oil field chemicals ensures production from dedicated reservoirs meets the desired targets. Our chemicals have undergone very strict regulatory review processes and we currently have approval for Corrosion Inhibitors and De-emulsifiers

Hydrocarbon Instruments

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. is the worldwide leader in the application of field portable, laboratory, and on-line continuous process monitors for measuring and monitoring hydrocarbons in water. Our monitors are exclusively based on UV and visible fluorescence technology.